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Final Post


Hi everyone,Marlene

The SA E-learning Newsletter has reached the end of the road and this is the final post….but there’s good news!  For everyone who has been subscribed to this newsletter (or who regularly views it), I am continuing with a similar publication which I’m calling Marlene Manto’s e-Update.  I hope to catch up with you over at the new location!



4 thoughts on “Final Post

  1. Hi Darling,

    standing to attention playing the Last Post here

    Love Lives On

    I Your Case Forever

    LUVU LUVU LUVU :-)(-:

    Stony 😉

  2. Hi Marlene, it’s been great hearing your lovely online voice on this blog… Thanks for fighting to good fight here. I’m heading over to lurk on http://marlenemanto.wordpress.com/ now 🙂