S.A. E-Learning Newsletter

News from SA (supported by the National VET E-learning Strategy)


What is it?
The SA E-learning Newsletter is an information service for anyone interested in e-learning.

Who is it for?
It is primarily targeted at VET (Vocational Education & Training) managers, trainers,  teachers and practitioners in South Australia as the focus is on funding opportunities, local SA events, VET news related to e-learning, useful tools, research related to VET etc.  There are many members however who are interstate and/or work within the school, industry, higher education or other sector, and everyone is very welcome.

Shall I subscribe?
You can simply read this Newsletter online, however there is an advantage in actually being on the mailing list. Apart from the fact that you will be notified of new editions, the email mailing list is also used for direct ‘e-Alerts’ to advise members of additional and/or late-breaking news such as:

  • Advice of new funding opportunities
  • Notification of local workshops and other professional development events
  • Last minute news flashes, changes and/or other developments.

How can I subscribe?

You can easily subscribe yourself and manage your own settings.  You can also unsubscribe at any time.

Our Promise

We promise that we will never pass on your details, nor use the mailing list for any other reason other than the promotion of e-learning news.  Despite the fact that we are often approached to ‘forward on’ third party information, this is usually refused and only done when the information is seen to be of benefit to members and in line with the Charter.

What can I expect?

The SA E-learning Newsletter comes out approximately monthly (depending on the workload of the author!).  The Charter is to provide e-learning  information and links of interest and relevance to practitioners, managers and support staff across the broader VET sector.  For this reason, not all subject areas will be useful for all people….but the overall goal is to provide ‘a little something for everyone’.  Your feedback and suggestions regarding what is of interest to you would be greatly appreciated.  Please use the POLL tab above to tell us what would be particularly useful for you.

Contact Details

E:  marlene.manto@sa.gov.au
P:  08 8226 1673
W: elearningsa.wikispaces.com



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